Dissertation Research

Northcentral University professors to present poster session at 1st annual Conference on Academic Research in Education January 2017

Throne, R.; Oddi, B.; Fore, C. J.; Akagi, C; Bloomberg, L.; Clowes, M. C.; O’Connor Duffy, J; Riggle, B.; St. Louis, L.; Shaw, M.; & Wardlow, R. (2017). The Situated Dissertation Advising Framework for Improved Doctoral Completion in a School of Education. 1st Annual Conference on Academic Research in Education (CARE), Las Vegas, NV.
This poster session presents a synthesis of the experiences of one School of Education in the use of a framework for situated dissertation advising founded on Lave and Wenger’s situated learning theory that partially contributed to an exponential increase in doctoral student persistence and completion within a multi-faceted online doctoral learning community. The framework continues to be used by School of Education dissertation advisors in a new university-wide model for the doctoral student experience (both PhD and EdD) and as a lens to view ongoing assessment and qualitative evaluation of the new model from an educational and theoretical perspective.